Velocity Pumps (2011)


A velo­city pump uses a spin­ning ‘impeller’ which has back­ward-swept arms. It is a type of pump in which kinetic energy is added to the fluid by increa­sing the flow velo­city. This increase in energy is converted to a gain in poten­tial energy (pres­sure) when the velo­city is reduced as the flow exits the pump into the discharge pipe.”

We gain strength. We lose power. Feel invited to our muscle play. Some­thing sneaks through and gets spoiled obviously.

Konzept und Choreo­gra­phie:
Rose Beer­mann, Iva Sveshta­rova, Tessa Theisen
Drama­turgie: Verena Billinger und Caro­line Spel­len­berg
Sound­de­sign: Mark Schröppel

Urauf­ge­führt im Künst­ler­haus Mouson­turm, geför­dert durch die Crespo Foun­da­tion, unter­stützt durch das Tanz­la­bor_21 und das Institut für Ange­wandte Thea­ter­wis­sen­schaft Gießen. Weitere Auffüh­rungen im Rahmen des Rough Cuts / Tanz­pan­orama Festi­vals Frank­furt, des 100° Festi­vals Berlin, des Anti­static Festi­vals in Sofia (Bulga­rien) und des Flare Festi­vals in Manchester (UK).


Ihre Körper legen die jungen Frauen umständ­lich in Body­builder-Posen. Die Asso­zia­tionen, die sie dabei auslösen, wirken an diesem Abend mit all ihren lächer­li­chen, heiteren und ironi­schen Konse­quenzen ausge­spro­chen erfri­schend.

Frank­furter Allge­meine Zeitung, 28.6.2011

Velo­city Pumps showed us the parts of the body women are so often expected to hide, to neglect. We saw women with muscles, with sweat, with blood pumping through their veins not to please men but to increase and show off their strength and power. We focus on calves and lats, biceps and abs, and revel in seeing someone work so hard. But the smiles are forced, the brea­thing laboured, the cheeks flushed. For us to appre­ciate the strength of these women they must put on a show for us. They must turn this strength to dancing. We must be enter­tained, not inti­mi­dated. The world of the body­builder is one steeped in vanity and well-worn poses, a world that feels faintly ridi­cu­lous. This is strength with no place to go, power with nothing to be powerful over. Once again this is fetis­hi­sa­tion of the body, though a fetis­hi­sa­tion of the body’s capa­bi­lity to perform, not simply to… well, to make new bodies.


Fotos: Jan Nandzig