Soft Things (2019)


In ‘Soft Things’, two bodies will explore the equa­tion of soft­ness and femi­ninity and travel through diffe­rent forms of being. Soft­ness is both a highly symbo­lic quality and at the same time, a central dimen­sion of corpo­rea­lity – be it of human or non-human kind. Asso­cia­ted with forma­bi­lity, fragi­lity and deli­cacy as body proper­ties, but also with flexi­bi­lity and submis­si­veness as charac­te­ris­tic traits, soft­ness is very often thought to be an expli­citly femi­nine attri­bute. In this perfor­mance, two bodies are going through a hard process to become soft things.

Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.

Concept, Reali­za­tion and Perfor­mance: Rose Beer­mann, Iva Svesht­arova
Drama­turgy: Frauke Have­mann
Stage and Costume: Anne Horny
Sound Design: Emilian Gatsov — Elbi
Ligh­t­ing Design: Rosa Werne­cke
Produc­tion Manage­ment: ehrli­che arbeit — freies Kultur­büro
Public Rela­ti­ons: Jenni­fer Beck
Photo­gra­phy: Stefa­nie Kulisch
Graphic Design: Lisa Klin­ken­berg

A produc­tion by Rose Beer­mann und Iva Svesht­arova. In colla­bo­ra­tion with Ufer­stu­dios Berlin, TATWERK | Perfor­ma­tive Forschung, Aula im Milch­hof e.V. and the resi­dency program schloss broel­lin e.V.. Funded by the Haupt­stadt­kul­tur­fonds.